The Bay Bridged Article on Leo's Day Job

A personal message from our frontman Leopoldo Larsen:

"For those that know me the closest know that I had some rough years as a kid and even going through my 20’s was no walk in the park. Certain events in my life caused me a great deal of pain and regret, which left me vulnerable to bad energies. If it weren’t for Music and Martial arts, I don’t think I would have made it this far. Thankfully God gifted me with great teachers and mentors to help me find my path.

Music allows me to keep the light and positive energy flowing that I’ve always felt so deeply. Always knowing there is something bigger and greater than my own existence. My emotions have always been magnified and I like to express that side through music.

Combative arts made me stronger physically and mentally combined. I’ve learned to focus my fear and use it as a way to guard my body and spirit from those who wish to harm me. I believe ever person has the right to defend themselves. It's like learning how to swim. Eventually the tide gets pulls in and one must confront the deep waters.

Being a high school dropout and not going to collage usually means you're not going to have an easy life. Fortunately Music and fighting became my school of choice and luckily one became successful enough to put food on the table. So here’s a nice short interview with Jess Luoma from The Bay Bridged about how me as a musician pays the bills and some interesting questions on how my job relates to music. Hope you enjoy it. I’m the last interview on the page."